Christophe Rocher (Clarinets, Improvisation, Composition) is born in 1967.

He has been playing for nearly twenty years with artists of the improvised jazz scene such as Paul Rogers, Edward Peraud, Olivier Benoit, Roger Turner, Jacques Di Donato, and Christophe Lavergne. His activities as an activist have led him to create the Penn Ar Jazz organization, which has organized numerous events (festivals, educational outreach programs…) since 1997.

He currently leads the Nautilis Ensemble and Extenz’’O, his improvised music trio (Edward Perraud, Olivier Benoit (National French Jazz Orchestra director), and performs in the Circum Grand Orchestra.

In all those years, he has performed in many jazz, improvised music and contemporary music projects with Bernard Lubat, Paul Rogers, Hasse Poulsen, Jacques Di Donato, Jacques Pellen, Michel Doneda, Christofer Bjurström, Cécile Girard, Yuri Yaremtchuk, Pascale Labbé, Jean Morière, Monique Lucas, Christine Rougier, Hughes Germain, Naomi Mutho, Christophe Havard, Christine Rougier, Hughes Germain, Edward Perraud, Nicolas Mahieux, Jean-Luc Landsweert, Jean Morrière, Peter Gritz, Christophe Lavergne, Fredéric Galiay, Olivier Benoit, Claude Tchamitchian, Gualtierro Dazzi, Naab, Carlo Rizzo, Géraldine Keller, Roger Turner, Daunik Lazro, Jean-Philippe Morel, Assif Tsahar, Elise Caron…

In the Past years:

2007/08: Played in a duo with Assif Tsahar, Daunik Lazro, Christofer Bjurström , Erwan Keravec, Christian Pruvost, Hughes Germain (siestes musicales), toured with the Art Ensemble of Brest,
Performed in the Nimbus (a six-month long ephemeral orchestra that focused on the music of Aka Moon) with Fabrizio Cassol,
Performed along others : Trio Jean Moriere, APSIS, Courants d”airs (Ly Than-Tien, dance and voice; Géraldine Keller, voice; Christophe Rocher, clarinets), Circum Grand Orchestra, Felthpath, Hughes Germain (ォ Esprit de sel サ), Christofer Bjurström Quartet, Ciné-concerts de Christofer Bjurström(series of film accompanied by live music), Ciné-concert Les Onzes Diables de Stéphan Orins.
He scored of the BD-Concert (graphic novel projections accompanied by live music) on ォ Un Homme est mort サ , the graphic novel by Kris and Etienne Davodeau. The project still tours as of today (with Sylvain Thevenard, electronics; Olivier Benoit, guitar; and Jean-Philippe Morel, double bass).

2009: He wrote and performed in ォ Passage Secret サ , a show for young audiences, with Christofer Bjurström and Elise Caron (toured in 2009, 2010, and 2011)

2010 et 2011: Started Boreal Bee, a duo avec Sylvain Thevenard, au Petit Faucheux, Tours, started the Nautilis Big Band ( ), performed in a duo with Jacques Di Donato (toured en Ukraine),
on tour: Passage Secret, Circum Grand Orchestra, creation of the Christofer Bjurström 4tet (CD: “Ookpik”),
participed in the Nimbus Orchestra (6-month long formation focused on M-Base) with Steve Coleman,
he runs with Christofer Bjurström the joint program between Penn Ar Jazz and the J. Prévert junior high school of St. Pol de Léon.

In 2012, toured in the US with Alexandre Pierrepont and Frédéric Briet meeting and playing with american musicians such as Rob Mazurek, Hamid Drake, Tom Rainey, Ingrid Laubrock, Ernest Dawkins …Nautilis on Tour, Boreal Bee on Tour…

In 2013 ? Bonaventure Pencroff ?création with Jeb Bishop, Rob Mazurel, Alexandre Pierrepont, Frédéric Briet et Nicolas Pointard. CD and tour in France.
In 2014:
Création with Nautilis, musiques de C. Rocher de ? Regard de Breizh ? on Guy Le Querrec’s original Photographies.
In 2015 :
Création ォ Nos Futurs? サ with Boreal Bee : Clarinets / Electronics / Voices Triptych with 3 different voices, about our futur : Anne-James Chaton, Beňat Achiary, Mike Ladd.
Creation ォ Third Coast Ensemble サ : Big ensemble with 8 french Musicians, 9 américan musicians (ensemble Nautilis + Nicole Mitchell, Rob Mazurek, Jeff Parker, Avreeyl Ra, Steve Berry, Tomeka Reid, Lou Mallozzi and Mazz Swift) (

Project 2016 :
The Bridge project with Nicole Mitchell, David Boykin, Lionel Garcin and Christian Pruvost

New quartet : Dbldbl with Frederic B.Briet / Jacques Di Donato / Joêlle Leandre / Christophe Rocher

Selective Discographie :

ォ Nos Futurs ? サ 2015 ( Abaloneproduction 2015)
Circum Grand Orchestra 2014 (Circumdisc 2014)
Bonadventure Pencroff (Marmouzic 2013)
Feldspath (CircumDisc 2013)
Nautilis (Marmouzic 2012)
Christofer Bjurström Quartet “Ookpik” (Marmouzic 2011)
Circum Grand Orchestra ? Le ravissemenent ? (CircumDisc 2010)
? carnet de voyage pour un voyageur immobile ? (Marmouzic , Christofer Bjurström)
Le Disque Vert, Arnaud Le gouefflec 2009 (with Eugene Chadbourne)
Hughes Germain Esprit de Sel (Césaré 2009)
Extenz’O (Marmouzic) 2007
Bjurström Rocher (Marmouzic) 2005
Circum Grand Orchestra (CircumDisc 2005)
Les Lèvres nues (Nûba/ Orkhêstra)
Closed Mountains (Jazzland)
Duo Bjurström / Rocher : ? on a marché sous la pluie ? (Marmouzic) 2000

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