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Nautilis is a group of nine musicians with different and complementary universes, based in Brittany, France, centered around the practice of creative and free music.

At the confluence of all musics, Nautilis experimenting, playing with codes and standards, walks the paths of musical creation and can afford a rare kind of freedom. This Lively, restless, complex and sophisticated music is always surprising and never will be con ned.

Since its creation in 2011, it is over 128 gigs (including 32 abroad) wich have been done, and 4 trips organized for the creation of albums, recordings and tours in United States.

or the will to create bridges…

Curious of the other, the foreigner, the different, Nautilis in collaboration with the ethnomusicologist Alexandre Pierrepont, has built an international exchange program for 4 years now.

Started in 2012, the project takes shape in the music scene of Chicago. Exchanges which aim to confront the methods of composition, pedagogy and musical practices. The Chicago scene is rich in cultural exchanges and artists› collectives, Alexandre Pierrepont contributed initially to organize concerts and meetings between Nautilis’s musicians and carefully selected American musicians in New York and Chicago, as well that the working sessions on teaching techniques, experiences of interventions in schools conducted by the musicians of the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative musicians) in Chicago.

Since then, the ARCH project has generated a multitude of meetings and concerts, naturally bringing musicians of Nautilis and those from Chicago to create new formations, the Third Coast Ensemble is one of them.
After managing to establish strong bounds with the scenes of Chicago and New York, Nautilis work to extend the ARCH project to other countries, while continuing to work with the United States.

The strength of this project is to be carried and supported jointly by Nautilis and Penn Ar Jazz, programmer structure of concerts. This partnership offers, among other things, the opportunity for the musicians of Brest and other countries to be programmed into Atlantic Jazz Festival, organized by Penn Ar Jazz in October in Brest, but also to welcome foreign players on French soil by the way of numerous actions in order to better exploit the potential of this exceptional project and develop it.

By this way the ARCH project promises bilaterality posed in ideal conditions for balanced shares, able to feed one side or the other. Open to all disciplines, Nautilis is not restricted to the eld of music, and can meet any structure or individual carrying an idea to share and develop.

Ensemble Nautilis ☛

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